Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Blogger Award...7 random things about me!

My apologies, I have been too busy to blog lately but I just recieved this award, so I just had to blog about it. I have several new things to blog about so I will hopefully have some time in a few days. I received this fabulous award from my good friend, Jen at Artful Paper Dreams . THank you, Jen! By accepting this award, I must list 7 random things about myself. I hope you find this interesting :-)

1. I was a Girl Scout. I was a Girl Scout from 3-8th grade and I enjoyed it. I don't like to camp now (unless it's in an RV) but I did then. I treasure all of the memories I have from "scouting": crafts, earning awards, cooking, camping and friendships.

2. I love Sci-Fi! I have loved science fiction since I was a child when I first saw Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica (1st one) and Buck Rogers. My favorite sci-fi show of all time is Stargate SG-1! I have a huge crush on Richard Dean Anderson (MacGyver) from that show. Every Christmas my husband buys me a season of the show on DVD. I also love the Terminator movies, Aliens, Battlestar Galactica (new show) and Stargate Atlantis. As a child I thought about becoming a scientist or an astronaut because of my love for sci-fi.

A yummy Richard Dean Anderson

3. I have a slight lisp. I attended speech class in 2nd grade because I couldn't pronounce my s's correctly. You may still hear a slight lisp today when I say a word with the letter s in it (whistling sound). I remember sitting in speech class and revealing that there wasn't a Santa Claus! Oh boy, did I get in trouble for that :-( Only a nosy little girl like me would know there wasn't a real Santa Claus when she was only in the 2nd grade!

Cindy Brady

4. I inherited musical talent. I play the piano and the clarinet and I sing at my church. I took piano lessons for several years and played my Dad's clarinet in the band during Jr. High (I quite band when I became a cheerleader my Freshman year of high school and I still own that clarinet). I started singing in church when I was around 11 years of age and I am asked to sing Breath Of Heaven (Amy Grant song) every year at Christmas Time at my church. Most of my family members can sing or play a musical instrument (my son is an awesome guitarist and pianist!).

Amy Grant

5. I am a perfectionist! My doctor said I internalize all of my stress and that is why I have had 2 stomach ulcers over the years (common for Type A personalities, she says). After a year on medication I am proud to say that I am ulcer-free and I hope to stay that way! Learning to scrapbook was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. It has taught me that my artwork doesn't have to be perfect and that things can be a little random.

6. I love all kinds of music! I listen to classical, Christian, country, Dance/Club, pop, and heavy metal music. Some of my favorite musical artists are: Amy Grant, Shania Twain, Rick Springfield!, Dokken, Queensryche and Whitesnake. George Lynch (former guitarist from Dokken) is my favorite guitarist and I have had the pleasure of meeting him!

Rick Springfield

A favorite "hair band": Dokken

7. I am an artisian for Shabbyfufu. I have been designing tags and cards for Shabbyfufu for several months now. I absolutely adore Shabby Chic style so designing for this site has been a lot of fun for me. Shabbyfufu has been in business for many years so I definitely feel honored to be a part of such a talented group of women.

Some of my Shabbyfufu designs

I will now pass this fabulous award on to the following bloggers:

Kate, Vee & Me

Have a fabulous day everyone!


Sherry said...

I love these random notes...it's wonderful to learn more about you. I played the clarinet and piano too!!

I love the designs you are doing for Shabbyfufu...must go and check out the site!!

Amy-Razz Pizazz Boutique said...

Thank you for the award sweetie :) It is so very nice to learn more about you! I Don't know when I am going to have a chance to post the 7 random things, hopefully soon!!! I am completely honered that you chose me...
Lots of hugs,

Sherri said...

thank you Julie...I have posted about the award on my blog.

jadadog said...

ooohhh! I love shabby froufrou!! and toile! I will check here more often! Your work is gorgeous!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Thank you Jen, for the award! I will try to work this in next week sometime. Thank you SO much for thinking of me. It was nice to read all those things about you & you do such nice work too.


Nerissa Alford said...

Thank you, thank you!
I think it is so funny to read the randoms list on people's blogs. I have a few similarities with you :) I've gotten hooked on some Sci-Fi thanks to my husband. It will be fun coming up with my own. I'll either post tomorrow or Tuesday for new years.
Thanks again for the compliment.