Sunday, January 13, 2008

Lots to share :-)

I know it's time to blog when I start getting emails asking where I've been (thanks everyone!). I thought things would slow down after the holidays but I'm still super busy. I created some new items for Shabbyfufu and my Etsy store (I will share those pics on another day) and I finished up a large wholesale order. I have some really, really, really exciting news to share with you soon, so please check back!
My husband and I shopped at the Dallas Cowboys Pro Shop on our "Night away from the kids" during Dec. and purchased this shirt for our son. Christian was thrilled to receive this shirt on Christmas Day. He said that all of the guys at school wanted that shirt and asked him where he got it. (Marion Barber is a Dallas Cowboy's running back and that is his nickname). My husband has been watching football all weekend! I'll be glad when this weekend is over (I'm tired of football games!). My son is watching the game at a friends house today, so my husband wanted me to watch the game with him. I watched the 1st half and decided I needed to blog during the
2nd half of the game. I am constanly hearing: "Honey, come and look at this play" and "Baby, come check this out", etc. Sorry, honey, I'm just not that into the game :-(

Here are some pics from our "Night away from the kids. We did some Christmas shopping and ate some yummy food!

I'm packed and ready to go. I never forget my magazines or my favorite pillow. My husband always says we can get extra pillows (at the hotel) but I really prefer to sleep on my own pillow, if possible :-) On our elevator ride to our room we encountered another couple who were checking into their room. She was carrying her pillow, too! I said to my husband, "Look honey, she brought her pillow, too" and her husband laughed and said she always has to bring her pillow when they stay the night at hotels. Ha, ha!

The hotel room had an Art Deco Decor:

My husband liked this pic (that he took of me) so I thought I would post it:

I babysat my 2 adorable nephews for 3 days over the Christmas Holidays. They are so fun to have around and I just had to share this adorable pic that I snapped of the 3 year old at snack time (2 cute!):

"Look, Aunt Julie, I have cookie eyes!"


I found some Fabulous Finds after Christmas at Wal-Mart, Target and Hobby Lobby (everything was 75-80% off). This is about 1/3 of what I bought. I found lots of vintage style decorations so I couldn't pass them up (including some mercury glass ornaments).


My daughter made these Christmas cards to hand out to her friends. We bought these card kits at Michaels. I thought she did a fabulous job (perhaps we have another artist in the family?) :-)

My husband and I received this adorable card from our 15 yr. old daughter for Christmas. Savannah always makes handmade cards for every occasion. This card measures 11"x14" and I can tell she spent a lot of time on it (the entire card is hand-drawn and glittered). I love what she wrote, "I couldn't ask for better parents". I need to hear this from time-to-time!

And finally, my "Fabulous Find of the day": I bought this Nicole Miller shirt at Sam's Club and it was only $11!! I love this shirt...ooh-la-la! I hope you have a Sam's Club nearby!


Well, I just heard that the Cowboys lost the game. I guess I need to console my poor hubby! Have a fabulous evening everyone!


Sherry said...

So glad to see a post from you and know how life has been treating you!! Well by the sounds of it!! Can't wait to hear your "news" and I loved these photos. You are looking "fab" and the hotel looked incredible. I laughed at you toting your pillow but that's just what we have to do...we need our comfort!!!

I see your children follow in your footsteps with their artistic eye and talents!!!

sherri said...
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Anonymous said...

I love your paper arts and that pink shirt! I will have to check out your etsy! Thank You Denise Mass.

Angie(quillysilly) said... dear husband was crying over the loss of his dear Cowboys. He too is a Marion B. fan! His favorite player of all time! Glad to see that you had a good time at your getaway and fantastic goodies!! toodles...

scrappermimi said...

You have been busy, lots to share! I am totally loving that shirt from Sams, total inspiration there! Looks like lots of deals to be had too. Love all your creations and thanks for sharing.

xx said...

Wow! That post packs a have been a busy girl. Glad you found time to post about it all. Finding deals when shopping is the best! Love the little peeks into your home life Julie. Everything is, well, you know...fabulous :~)

jadadog said...

Time together sounds so wonderful!!! I'm jealous! Can't wait to see your etsy shop!

Jennifer Paganelli said...

Julie !!! blog bouncing and just landed here...oh my gosh...loving it here..did we meet??? So much going on for you!!! Here's to learning more about you!!!
Come visit soon!!