Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Good news and bad news....

It's been an ugly day here in the Dallas area. It's been raining all day and it hasn't stopped! I am so tired of it! I had to drive 50 mph (in a 65 mph zone) all the way home from the doctor's office because it was raining so heavily and I got soaking wet when I went to Wal Mart this afternoon. And I got home and my paper towels were missing! I didn't notice that they were missing when I checked out so they must have slid off of the bottom of the cart as I was shopping and I didn't even notice it, how embarrassing. I guess they are laying on the floor somewhere in Wal Mart!

Anyways, the good news is that I took my daughter to the doctor's office today and they said she doesn't have a fracture or any torn ligaments in her leg (thank goodness). The bad news is that she will not be able to dance at the National Competition on March 29 and 30 and she is heartbroken about it! I dread telling the director because she is going to have to re-do 2 of the routines again because of yet another injury to a team member...ugh! The drill team tryouts for the next school year are in 3 weeks and I'm not sure if Savannah will be dancing 100% by then. I am praying she will have a quick recovery but the doctor said not to rush it because she could injure herself more severely if she does. What a bummer! As I said before, we are just so thankful that the girls did not have severe injuries.

Savannah's knee looks worse but some of the swelling has gone down and the pain has lessened. (Don't you just love these "injury" photos?)

Sweet Amy tagged me for this questionnaire. I don't think I am repeating anything from a previous questionnaire. I hope you find something interesting here :-)

1. Name your two favorite scrapbooking topics -----I don't have much time to scrapbook anymore, but I am on the scrapbooking committee for my daughter's dance team so I guess it's dance team pics!

2. What are two of the best places you have been to?-----California (different areas), New York City and Las Vegas, NV (sorry, I love them all)

3. Name two things you do every day ---- Hug and kiss my kids and hubby and tell them that I love them. I'm on the computer on a daily basis, too.

4. Name two things that pretty much everyone knows about you. ----I love the color pink and I love French things.

5. Name two places you wish to visit----Paris and Sweden (my ancestors homeland)

6. Two things you may not know about me are: Don't hate me because I'm blonde, har har. See that photo of me on my blog? That is my natural hair color! I have never colored my hair and strangely it's just a little bit darker than when I was a child.
I collect Barbie Dolls. I think I have several hundred of them and a few of them are vintage (pathetic, huh?).

One of my favorite Barbie dolls: Kate Spade Barbie

7. Name two nick-names you have had sometime in your life ---- Jules and Blondie (both in high school)

8. Name two interesting jobs (good or bad) that you have had ---- My brother and I used to build custom homes and I really enjoyed it (until he "dumped" me and moved to CO, lol, I'm not moving there it's too dang cold for me!). I was the store manager of a jewelry store called Rings & Things at a local mall (similar to Claire's Boutique) when I was in college.

9. What are your top two fun things to do after work ---- work never ends but I like to watch TV and read magazines and books

10. Name two things you would like to learn ---- I would love to be fluent in French and I would love to learn calligraphy

11. What were the last two songs that you downloaded or Cd's that you bought? ---- I bought the Daughtry CD and I downloaded Maroon 5 "Makes me Wonder".

12. What were the last two books that you read? ---- "French Women Don't Get Fat" and "Images of Marilyn Monroe"

13. What two TV shows or movies from your childhood do you still enjoy watching after all of these years?? ---Little House on the Prairie and Brady Bunch (yes, I'm admitting it, lol!)

I will now tag the following lucky people:
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Have a fabulous day!


Alice W. said...

I am so sorry that happened to your daughter Julie! I wish her the best...I have been there...and it is no fun! I am glad she is okay though!

You are the second one to tag me today! I will add my answers in my next post! Thanks for thinking of me!

Cape Cod Washashore said...

I hope your daughter continues to heal quickly!

What a fun tag! I know someone who is a huge Barbie collector, too! Thank you for tagging me... I'll try to come up with some different answers (I'd answer many of the same as you)! lol

Nerissa Alford said...

Hi Julie
Oh my gosh! I'm praying for your daughter & her friend. It's good to know they are both okay.
I can't wait to finish my questions. It looks like fun. I'm just getting caught up on blogging. I'm so behind since I've been sick. I am FINALLY feeling better.
I love the new work you did & that Kate Spade Barbie is awesome!

Angie(quillysilly) said...

What an awful ordeal! I am so glad to see that it wasn't any worse and that no permanent damage was done!

Isn't the rain overwhelming? We are still drying out over here and we were out and about last night and saw countless creeks that were overflowing the banks! AMAZING!

Thanks for tag!

xx said...

OUCH! That's one heck of a boo-boo!!!

Brady Bunch, huh???? Too funny! I always have to fight writing to you as Jules because all the Julie's I have known {in adult life} went by Jules. You're all "jewels" to me LOL

Thanks for tagging me! I'll have to do some thinking :~)

Rose of Sharon said...

Oh my goodness, your daughter's knee looks soooo painful. I am so sorry. Too bad she will miss her competition, that is a bummer. It was fun reading all about you. I am a Brady Bunch fan too! :0) Sharon

Sherri said...

that is an ugly bruise! Sad for her to have to miss an event she has been working so hard for. Glad injuries weren't worse. Also glad you didn't end up under water last week on that crazy rain day. Great new facts about you too....You are brave to admit the "little house on the prairie" information! (just kidding0

Diane Mars said...

Julie, so sorry to hear and see your daughters knee but happy to hear no breaks, you take good care of her I am sure you will and it forces you two to do some quite home things, crafts?
Hugs, Diane