Sunday, March 16, 2008


Serenity now! "Serenity now", I definitely need to say this after the week I've had! Do you remember "The Serenity Now" episode from Seinfeld? It was one of my favorite episodes from the TV series and I happened to watch it about 3 weeks ago (in the waiting room) when I was getting my car inspected. It came to mind when I was thinking about my week. Wednesday and part of Thursday my Internet was down and after spending about 3 hours of my time on the phone with the Internet company, they concluded that I probably had a virus on my computer that was interfering with the IP address. What a mess, and I'm not sure if the problem is fixed. I guess I will find out in about 2 months when they assign a new IP address to me (Norton and my spy ware programs aren't finding any problems). If it happens again, the Internet company will have to come out to my house and see what is going on. It's really sad that some people in this world have nothing better to do than to sit around all day figuring out how to screw up our computers!

The drama continues...Friday night my daughter's friend picked her up and as they were driving to a slumber party (on one those farm roads) they had an accident. The friend didn't slow down enough when she was turning into the driveway (from the farm road) and she lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a metal pipe fence and trees. The tree branches went through the front and passenger windows and the girls were covered with glass. My daughter had numerous abrasions from the glass and we decided that she needed to go to the hospital in case she had glass embedded in her legs and feet. The doctor pulled several pieces of glass from her legs and feet and he found a scratch on her eyeball from a piece of glass (the next day she discovered a piece of glass in her ear!). She didn't seem to have any other injuries so she was released late Friday night. She spent the entire day on the sofa yesterday trying to recuperate. She is taking antibiotic eye drops for her eye injury and she is annoyed because she can't wear her contact lenses! Yesterday we noticed a small bruise on her right knee but she said that it didn't hurt very much. When she woke up this morning is was swollen and the bruise was darker than yesterday. She had to go to a place called Care Now today, so that they could check the scratch on her eyeball (to make sure it was healing). By the time we got there her knee was worse and she was having trouble walking on it. The doctor said she probably hit her knee on the dashboard/glove compartment during the crash and that she has to stay off of her knee for at least a week if she wants to try and dance again next week. She now has crutches, an elastic bandage, Biofreeze cream and an ice pack that will be her best friends for the next week. The dance team has competition in 2 weeks and she is so upset that she may have to miss it. She was recently given a harder part in one of the dances and she was so proud of herself for being selected to replace the girl who had to give up the part. Sadly, she will now be spending her Spring Break on the sofa! We have a follow up appointment for her knee on Tuesday and we are praying the swelling will go down and that everything will be fine. If the swelling is not down, then they will take an x-ray that day. I'm sure that the vehicle will be "totaled" and we are so thankful that the girls weren't seriously injured or killed (especially after seeing the damage that the vehicle sustained)! My daughter's friend had a few cuts from the glass but her injuries were not as severe as Savannah's. We are praying for a speedy recovery and that Savannah's injuries will not worsen. I was talking to the girls mother and she said she had second thoughts that night about letting the girls drive to the slumber party (because of the farm road) and I told her that I had reservations, too. But we both thought that we were just being overprotective (which is so easy to do), so we decided to let them go. I think all Mother's have those instincts (or a "little voice") for a reason and I usually act on mine and I am usually sorry when I don't. It's so hard to let our children grow up and have a lot of responsibility! I try not worry all of the time, but sometimes it's hard!

At "Sick Bay": Savannah's hands weren't injured so she is busy texting, of course!

"Don't take my picture, Mom. I look awful"!

The knee and some of the scratches and cuts. I was feeling pretty nauseous when the doctor was pulling the glass from her legs and feet!:

I can't believe that it's been so long since I've blogged, but I promise I will do better from now on. I have made a new goal of trying to blog at least 3 times a week. My life is not that boring, I do have things to share, lol!

I hope you noticed the oh-so-chic pink/black stripes that were added to my blog template by the fabulous Amy of Razz Pizazz Boutique! Amy is such a sweet friend and she graciously offered to fix up my blog a little bit! I love it, Amy...thank you so much!

Have a fabulous evening!


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Sherri said...

glad to know your daughter was not hurt any worse than she was...

Love the bunny tags! Hope your computer works out, missed seeing your posts.

Amy-Razz Pizazz Boutique said...

oh my gosh girl! I knew you had crazy week, BUT not this crazy!!! I am so thankful that the injuries were minor and will pray that Savannah recovers quickly and hey she might even be able to perform!!! I fell on the ice and had a nasty bruise on my knee last week, I was sore for two days and then I was better! So glad you like your blog! Hope this week is MUCH better for you!
love and hugs,
Amy :)

Amy-Razz Pizazz Boutique said...

You have been tagged! See my blog :)

Sherry said...

I'm so glad that your daugher and her friend weren't more seriously injured -- this could have been much worse so it is a blessing!! We are "over protective" mothers simply because we are protective. It's a hard call and we never want to think that something "bad" could happen. With rest I'm hopeful that Savannah will be able to dance.

As for your blog -- gorgeous!! First thing I noticed with the lovely "side" design..Amy did a fabulous job!!

Bunny Chic Boutique said...

LOVE your Fabulous Custom Tags!! Those bunnies are the cutest and the Parisian Tags are tres chic!!

Hopefully Savannah will be able to perform. I'll keep her in my thoughts and prayers.

Bunny Blessings ~


Cape Cod Washashore said...

Oh my gosh! I just saw this post, and I'm soooo glad your daughter is all right! (And her friend, too!) Being a Mom sure is hard work!!! With four kids of my own, I do ALOT of praying! lol

Julie L. Light said...

Thank you everyone for your well wishes, they are appreciated :-)

xx said...

Glad things turned out as well as they did! I'm sure it will stick with both girls for a lifetime - knowing how easy it is to lose control and how banged up our bodies can get from a simple accident {TV never shows the reality of it all}. Fingers crossed she heals quickly Julie! Sweet tags - they really are FABULOUS!

Great job on the graphics Amy! :~)