Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Welcome to Scrappy Jessi's Favorite Childhood Toys Party!

I would like to thank Scrappy Jessi for hosting this fabulous Childhood Toy Party! I had so much fun searching for my childhood toys on the Internet. I came across lots of toys that I forgot about, too! I'm sure I have pictures of me with some of my toys as a child but I didn't have time to look through the old family photo albums that are stored at my sisters house. I came across sooooo many toys so I had to narrow them down a little. The Barbie photos could have gone on and on because I know I had over 100 dolls as a kid. I don't have any of my original Barbie dolls because I passed them onto my 2 younger sisters and now they are gone, gone, gone :-( I am an avid collector and I have been able to replace some of my favorite childhood toys and dolls via estate sales, Barbie shows, doll shows, Internet and toy shows. I was fortunate to find photos of the exact toys that I owned as a child. As I was searching for retro/vintage toys, I came across these two cool websites that you might enjoy:

I started out with some of my toddler toys so here we go...
Baby Beans by Mattel. My original doll is gone but I found one just like it at a doll show years ago.

Yikes...a scary Jack-in-the-box!
Mrs. Beasley Doll!
My brother and I loved Little People toys and we had almost everything they made at them time! We could play with them for hours and hours. I loved arranging the houses and people. My youngest sister collected these toys as a teen but they took up so much room so my Mom sold most of them at a garage sale a few years ago. I wish I could have kept them :-o

Little People Hospital

Little People Garage

Little People House. We had the blue/yellow house.

I can't forget about the cute little puppy!

Tinker Toys

Baby Tender Love
Play-Doh Fun Factory

Now, who didn't own a Viewmaster as a kid??? I still love to look at these and I own a vintage Viewmaster with Moon landing photos.

I adored Holly Hobbie. I remember my Mom sewed me a Holly Hobbie dress and bonnet that I wore to church.

Magic slate. A required item for every car trip we ever took! I loved the Josie and the Pussycats cartoon.

Paper Dolls. This is one of my favorite Barbie dolls: Ballerina Barbie.

Coloring Book. Wasn't this a strange concept for a doll? I was able to replace my Growing Up Skipper doll at a doll show and she's NRFB (never removed from the box)!

Honey Hill Bunch Kids. Did anyone else have these dolls? I loved them and I included them when I played with Barbie dolls (they were used as " little children"). I had a blast with that tree house, too. I've been able to replace some of the dolls but I haven't been able to find the clubhouse.

Colorforms. Another "must have" for a car trip!

I remember that Jacks were all the rage when I was in the 3rd grade. We played with them at school during recess or whenever we could! I loved the brightly colored jacks with a metallic sheen.

Remember Stretch Armstrong? My brother got this doll for Christmas one year and we played with it all the time until the gel started coming out of him from a cut. I still wonder to this day if my brother cut this doll open because we always wondered what was inside of it!

Barbie Country Camper. I found one just like this at a doll show, it's like new (even the box is in good shape). Here is a YouTube commercial I found:

Barbie Townhouse. I had 2 different Barbie Townhouse's and they were both "pieces of junk", lol (they fell apart, we even tried gluing the pieces together)! My Dad built a huge Barbie house as a Birthday present for me after the second townhouse broke. I loved that Barbie house, my Mom decorated it with contact paper (for wallpaper) and it had real carpet and linoleum floors. I still have some of my original furniture from the townhouse.
Sunshine Family. I was able to find this exact set (NRFB) and the their house at a doll show. After lots of playtime , I remember that the baby doll's hair stood straight up, lol!

Suntan Tuesday Taylor Doll. I thought she was so beautiful. My Bionic Woman doll used to wear that robe a lot since she couldn't wear most Barbie clothes.

Dusty Doll by Kenner. This poor girl was a little bit "homely" and I don't think a lot of Barbie clothes fit her well. I guess I wanted her because she was different from Barbie!

Charlie's Angels Dolls. I watched Charlie's Angels religiously as a child, I thought they were so glamorous. I've been able to replace these dolls, too.

Bionic Woman Doll. My brother had The Six Million Dollar Man and we loved to watch those TV shows. Too bad Barbie clothes didn't fit this doll. I still have her red purse.

Dawn Doll. These dolls had really cool clothes and I carried this doll in my pocket a lot since she was so tiny. She had fake eyelashes that looked real. I've been able to replace most of my Dawn dolls and her friends.

Darci cover girl Doll. Barbie clothes didn't fit this doll either so I bought every outfit that was made for this doll. The clothes were super fab! I was able to replace this doll, too and she's also NRFB.

My absolute favorite Barbie: Superstar Barbie and her purple Star 'Vette! I was able to replace these toys. I found this YouTube Superstar Barbie Commercial but it's in Spanish!

Malibu Barbie and her friends were my first Barbie dolls. I found this old commercial on YouTube:

Barbie Boutique. I spent hours playing with this toy. I can't remember if I was able to replace this toy or not (everything is in storage). I remember bidding on it at Ebay a few times.

Princess Leia Action Figure from Star Wars. After my brother and I saw "Star Wars" we were hooked! My brother had tons of Star Wars toys and I bought Princess Leia so I could play along.

Clue board game. My friends and I always fought over who was going to be "Miss Scarlet"!

Operation Game. "It takes a very steady hand..."

I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane. I can't wait to see what toys the other bloggers have come up with!

Have a fabulous day!

P.S. My suprise birthday party photos are coming soon!


Jessi Nagy said...

so totally fabulous!!!
i love all your toys!!
so many bring back memories for me too!
i had a ton of those little people sets. i loved them.
thanks for sharing, and thanks for coming to my party.

Lori said...

Oh such fun and Mrs Beasley too!!! Come visit my toys too! Lori

My Crafty Little Page said...

Mrs Beasley - I loved her! My boys had all those toys and our house was crawling with little people! You even brought out my "repressed toy memories"! I had zillions of jacks, and a view master and Clue, Monopoly, and Candyland. Don't tell anyone though because I'm having a pity party over on my blog!LOL How fun looking at your stuff - I got double memories from it - mine and my kids. Hugs, Nancy

Victoria - Florence and Mary said...

Wow so my memories coming back looking at everyone's post... my brother and I had the Little People Garage and house too!!!

Victoria x

bluemuf said...

Julie, I have had so much checking out your childhood toys. I really think I should get myself a Barbie Doll.


Sherry said...

You must be about the same age as my little sisters because they had a lot of the same toys. Those little people are great my little ones still play with todays version of them.

Beth Leintz said...

Wow- your post brought back a lot of memories- I had forgotten Mrs Beasley and the Play Doh Fun Factory and the Barbie Color forms-fun fun!

mendytexas said...

Mrs. Beasley...she was the BEST! I had so much fun looking at your photos! :)mendy

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Wow what a Barbie collection you had! I have that Town house. Found it at a flea market a few months back. It is awesome but very unstable!
Did you have the Little People Castle? My Brother and I always fought over the castle and the brown roofed house.

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

What a fun post! Thanks so much for sharing your favs. We have a lot in common! I soooo loved colorforms, but I forgot to even mention them!

Come by & visit my toys when you get a chance!

Angelic Accents

Anonymous said...

You had some great toys.. love Mrs. Beasley.. and Jacks and Magic Slates simple toys but such fun.. great post .. thanks

Stash said...

We still play operation and twister - love those "old school" games!

Bunny Chic Boutique said...

Wow ~ look at all of those Toys!! I didn't even have one Barbie growing up and you had 100 Barbies. LOL I had Tammy and Francie Dolls instead of Barbie.

I bought the Ralph Lauren Barbie (NRFB) on Ebay for my Daughter's Birthday ~ but wouldn't let her take it out of the Box. LOL

LOVE your Post ~ it's Fabulous!!

Bunny Blessings ~


Jennifer said...

i had so many of the same toys! i thought i had covered all my faves but you proved me wrong! :)


Unknown said...

OMG the Little people garage and Magic Slate were my fav! You have great memories here! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!


Cape Cod Washashore said...

My goodness! What a ottal trip down memory lane! I totally forgot about Stretch Armstong (I think my brother had him)! I had that very same Barbie Camper! LOVED it! And I STILL have my Sunshine Family (inside of an old Barbie doll suitcase somewhere in the house)... and all of my Dawn Dolls (I hope my daughter appreciates that I saved it all when she gets older)! =)

Alisa Noble said...

That's so cool that your mom made you a dress like Holly Hobby's. The day my little brother was brought home from the hospital, my dad gave me a Heather Hobby doll. I loved that doll so much! Thanks for sharing.

Alisa Noble said...

That's so cool that your mom made you a dress like Holly Hobby's. The day my little brother was brought home from the hospital, my dad gave me a Heather Hobby doll. I loved that doll so much! Thanks for sharing.

Sherry said...

Julie there are some here I'd forgotten about -- the Mrs. Beasley doll...those magic writers, when I saw that FP garage it reminded me of the one my sons had...and that play doh fun many wonderful memories!

xx said...

Ha Ha - Little people - I remember those so well :~) I had some Barbies and the house she had - loved the kitchen part of it. Great trip down memory lane Julie!

Alice W. said...

How fun to see all your favorite tosy!!!! I love Little People too and I totally forgot about the puppy!!!! I loved all kinds of paper dolls too! Thanks for taking me back ;)

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

My goodness, those are all crazy cool! And what memories they bring back. :)

Natasha Burns said...

Oh the viewmaster, operation and clue bring back memories! My son loves those viewmaster things, they still make them now!