Thursday, June 12, 2008

Caution! Danger Zone!!!!!

We survived the move but can we survive the unpacking phase? I am so tired of unpacking and my back is killing me! We still have things in storage so those items will eventually be brought over to the new house. The house is being updated so we are dealing with that, too. The walls and trimwork used to be white and now the walls have been painted a neutral shade of tan and the trimwork, doors and cabinets have been painted a cream color. Several light fixtures have been changed out and we are working on cabinet knobs, faucets, etc. Sorry, you won't see many French style crystal chandeliers in my home because we live in Texas and it's hot, hot, you will see lots of ceiling fans!

The new home before the move. We inherited a basketball goal and a yard full of weeds :-(

New light fixture and sink cabinet in the Powder Bath. A new mirror and faucet is coming soon. All the door hardware is being changed from polished brass to antique nickel.

New ceramic tile in the Entryway. Before:


Yikes! Too much stuff.

My new studio!

The Formal Living Room has become a "dumping ground" since it doesn't get used much at this time :-)

I found these pics on the computer today. My daughter, Savannah, is always taking self portraits of herself for her MySpace page!

If you ever see a teenagers' MySpace page then you will see lots of photos like this one, lol!

Our son went to Colorado for the summer :-( My brother lives near Breckenridge and he offered to let my son stay with him and his wife for the summer and work, work, work! When my son found out he could make twice as much money as he could working here, he jumped at he chance to go (that boy is "money motivated", like father, like son!). He left last Friday and we miss him so much! My husband and I were worried sick about him because he drove his car there by himself (he's 17). I think my husband called him about once an hour on the way there (to check on him) but he arrived safely! Man, the years go by so fast...I can't believe he drove to CO by himself! I wasn't home when Christian left so I asked Savannah to take some photos of him packed and ready to go. I expected one or two photos but she ended up taking more than a couple. She did a really good job and she took several photos that told a little story....

Loading the car. All the necessities including his computer and guitars!

The car is packed.

Saying goodbye to our cat, Pepper.

Getting into the car

Getting ready to leave

Pulling out of the driveway (I told you she captured every moment :-)

Driving down the street. Bye Christian!

I am taking a break from unpacking today to work on some orders and I will get everything in the mail ASAP. More makeover photos coming soon! Have a fabulous weekend!


Nerissa Alford said...

Hi there! I've missed your posts. Glad you survived the move, now comes the unpacking! Your new house looks beautiful! Thanks for the tour :)
That's way too sweet that Savannah took all those pics of Christian.
Take care

Alice W. said...

What a gorgeous new home! Moving is such a huge process...but so worth it if you get to move somewhere as beautiful as that! Love your entryway architecture!

Angie(quillysilly) said...

Glad to see that you have started settling in and making the place your own! Can't wait to see what you do with your studo...

Savannah is quite the photo storyteller! And I love the self snaps too! Toodles...

Sherry said...

Been missing you -- glad to see that you are taking a breather -- moving house is a big job -- and from what you've shown us so far, you've done a fantastic job of making this one your own.

Love Savannah's pictorial of Christian's move out to Colorado for the summer -- you'll miss him but he'll be home before you know it!!

Bunny Chic Boutique said...

LOVE your new house ~ it's Gorgeous!! I'm so envious of your HUGE new Studio!!

Savannah did a fabulous job taking pictures of Christian and herself. I'm glad to know that other teens are posting self portraits ~ I've got a ton of them on my Computer too. :)

Alexandra just got her Driver's License today and drove for the first time by HERSELF. I thought I would have a stroke from worrying about her ~ can't even imagine her driving to another State. :)

Bunny Hugs 2U ~


xx said...

Wow - you found a beautiful home Julie! I agree - the woodworking details are to die for :~) Take it one day at a time and you'll get there {words of wisdom from someone who still has a basement full of boxes waiting to be unpacked 15 months post move - yikes!} Beautiful shots of the kiddos who seem to be anything but kiddos anymore, eh? Enjoy your new home!

Jennifer said...

julie, your new house looks amazing, weeds and all. i love brick houses. my sisters have myspace pages and oh boy do they take self-portraits all the time, any time their hair is just right. lol.

Anonymous said...

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I just wanted to thank you again for sharing with us!

Miss*Laurence said...

Thanks for your comment! don't forget to publish photos of you city! I have published the list already for tomorrow's one day holiday!