Saturday, August 23, 2008

I will be featured in my local newspaper!

It seems like every time I post I say that I have been busy (well, who isn't busy, lol?). I thought I would show you a few photos of my new studio! Soon after we moved into our new home I decided to change my studio from a red, black, cream Paris theme to a Shabby Chic theme. We changed my daughter's room from Shabby Chic to Paris Chic so her bedroom now has a pastel pink/black/white Paris theme (will share photos at a later date). There were a lot of pastel decorative items that she was getting rid of and I couldn't bear to part with many of them so I decided to change my studio to Shabby Chic! I spent the last several weeks transforming the studio so it would be ready for an interview that I had scheduled with my local newspaper, the Waxahachie Daily Light. I was contacted a couple of months ago by the editor after she saw a blog post that I had written about my hometown of Waxahachie, Texas. She asked if they could do a feature story on me and my business and of course I said "yes"! I put off the interview for a couple of months so that I could settle into my new home and re-decorate the studio. Everything that was red, black or cream was painted white or a pastel color, curtains were sewed and hung and the studio needed to be organized! It was a big job and I'm pleased with the results although I am not quite finished yet :-) I will post when the article comes out in the exciting!

Welcome to my new studio! (click on the photos to enlarge them)

My desk is skirted with moire taffeta fabric from my wedding in 1989! That fabric was the table skirting at my wedding reception and later my Mom made a bassinet cover out of that fabric when my son was born. I still had the bassinet cover hanging in a closet and the skirt was the perfect length for my desk. When my husband saw the skirt on the desk he asked if that was fabric from our wedding! Believe me, I was shocked that he remembered something like that!

The pink voile and white lace panels are from the Simply Shabby Chic Collection at Target. I made the lined valance out of a Simply Shabby Chic shower curtain (the ruffles were already on the top of the shower curtain). I didn't really like any of the floral print curtains that I had to choose from at Target but I loved the shower curtain so I cut off the top of the shower curtain and made a lined valance out of it. I love the way it turned out and it's OOAK! I added some pink satin ribbon and silk flowers as tiebacks. BTW, in the past, I have made curtains out bed sheets, too (a fabulous custom look!).

The shelf is from Hobby Lobby and used to be black. The milk glass hobnail lamp belonged to my Grandma Signe and it was on a dresser in her guest room for many years. I added the trim and flowers to the lampshade. The lady head vase is from the First Monday Flea Market in Canton, Texas (one of the best flea markets ever!). I bought that lady head vase when I was a teenager and have always loved it. My Mom used to make and sell the little rabbit that is on the top shelf (in the early 1990's).

I bought the "create" sign and the drawers at Hobby Lobby last year (they used to be black). The vintage dish belonged to my Grandma Frances and I filled it up with vintage trinkets from Estate Sales.

Recognize these? They used to be gray and they were ugly! It's amazing what a few cans of Krylon spray paint can do for some things. I used "Ballet Slipper" pink and "Pistachio" green. Hint for the day: If you are painting something really dark a lighter color, prime it with white spray paint first. I bought some cans of Wal Mart brand white spray paint for 98 cents each to use as primer. I didn't need to use as many coats of the Krylon colors (about $3 can) and you can save some money on paint.

The pencil cup with the dress form image is a toothbrush holder that I couldn't pass up! I also used a vintage flower frog and a vintage look glass (that was from the Martha Stewart Collection at K Mart) to hold pens and pencils.

Prima flowers on the shelves and a French memo board that I re-covered with an old chenille bedspread. The tissue paper holders are towel bars that I painted white. I painted some clothespins pink to keep the tissue paper in place because every time I turn on the ceiling fan the paper blew off!

A white plate holder now holds some Shabby Chic books (I need one more book!). The sewing machine and cabinet, and the green sewing box belonged to my Grandma Signe. Many fabulous clothes were sewn on that Singer sewing machine! It still works but it needs a tune up. I decoupaged those suitcase years ago.

The red bookcase is an eyesore! It has been too humid here this week to paint it and I like to paint things on my back porch...will get to that soon! My Mom bought the hand-painted bunny cabinet at a craft show in the early 1990's (she used to collect anything with rabbits on them). It was in my daughter's room for several years and I can't part with it. I'm going to re-cover that lampshade with leftover fabric from the valance.

I use an over-the-door shoe holder to hold some of my silk flowers!

The blue antique chair belonged to my grandparents for many years and then my Mom and now me. I remember my kids liked to sit in that chair when they went to Grandma's house. My Mom always had some kind of doll sitting in the chair and the kids would knock the doll off the chair so they could sit in it. There are some vintage postcards on that vintage look ironwork and also a few gift tags from friends.

I made up gift bags full of goodies for the editor and the reporter at the newspaper:

We went to "Meet the Panthers" night at the high school stadium last Thursday evening.

My daughter in her drill team uniform! She has a brand new sequin overlay (they are hand beaded) this year and she is so proud of it! The drill team puts in very long hours and sometimes my daughter thinks about quitting. Her entire life (during the school year) is nothing but drill team. She said, "Mom, I know it sounds dorky, but every time I put on this uniform I forget all about quitting"! I'm so proud of her, she made the Jazz Company team this year (some of the girls on the drill team are chosen for this special dance team ) so she will be super busy :-)

I've been working on some new merchandise for the website and my Etsy boutique:

Have a fabulous day!