Monday, October 27, 2008

Excuse my mess!

As you can see from my studio, I've been busy! October is one of the busiest months for my daughter's drill team. Last week was Homecoming and the girls had a lot of activities that they participated in for the event.

Please excuse my mess. I cleaned my studio over the weekend so it looks better now:-)

I sent my sample goody bags for Silver Bella off to Sadie Lou! It was so sweet of her to hand out these goody bags from Lollipshops vendors! Boo hoo, I wish I was going to Silver Bella!
I made 17 of these decoupaged picture frames for the drill team. I made 6 of them for another drill team event but a lot of the Mother's wanted to give them to their daughters for Homecoming so I ended up making and selling 11 of them.

Every Homecoming the drill team Moms decorate their daughter's dressing station in the locker room. This is my daughters dressing station. I made everything but a couple of things were re-used from last year (thank goodness!). I am pretty pleased with the way it turned out. We weren't allowed to permanently attach anything (nails, etc) so it was a little difficult to achieve the look that I wanted.

Each girl also received a gift from their parents (pink bag). I bought my daughter some decorations for her bedroom (Paris themed!):

A decoupaged box and decorated cowbell. I found that cute paper at Joann:

I found this hat at Party City and decorated it. I thought it looked like it was part of a dancer's costume.

A decoupaged picture frame and embellished candy jar. The glittered stars are from the Christmas section at Hobby Lobby:

I gathered some of the stars together and tied them with ribbon:

I found this mirror unfinished at Michaels and painted/stamped it. My daughter was the only one that had a mirror in her station and she was so happy about it:

I found this "Dream" plaque at Michaels and painted it Silver and added ribbon:

All of the girls receive goody boxes. I covered a piece of foam (from Joann) with fabric for a bench pad. My daughter requested this!

We will re-decorate the locker room in January or February of next year for competition (sounds unnecessary, huh?). This is last years competition decorations. It was a jungle theme. My daughter had to share a dressing station last year so she was thrilled to have her own this year. I really like the pink/chocolate brown colors:

I decoupaged the "S" and embellished a lot of the decorations. I made ballerina dresses for those pink monkeys!
Some of the other dressing stations from this year. My husband does not understand the need for the decorations. He said it looks like a bunch of junk exploded in the locker room, LOL! Men do not understand! The girls are always thrilled with the results no matter what it looks like :-)

Homecoming parade on Friday afternoon:

A Pep Rally followed the parade at the Football stadium. The drill team performed. There was a football game and bonfire later that night:
Some of the new merchandise coming to Shabbyfufu later this week:

Have a fabulous day!


Lisa Kettell said...

What a wonderful post, loved that hat you made from the party store.
I'm going to Silver Bella, wish you were too! I'll take loads of pictures!
Have a magical week!

Sherri said...

wow, you have been so busy! I bet the girls do like all that stuff. Your decorations are great. Good thing you are so crafty!

Allie said...

You are SO talented! What you did for your daughter was wonderful! I'm sure she and all of the girls feel so special when ya'll "doll up" the dressing stations. There's nothing like football season in Texas, is there!?!!! :) So nice to meet you and again, I feel SO lucky to have won the giveaway with your fantastic French papier!! Have a great weekend.....

Anonymous said...

Everything is looking fabulous..! I too found cute paper at Joann.

Amy Sutter said...

Wow, when you said you were busy I guess you weren't kidding! My craft studio looks like yours now, I am just not brave enough to take a picture, lol! The goodies you made for your daughter and the drill team are amazing, I bet they really look forward to what you will come up with next :-) You are such a great mom! I LOVE the pink theme you did this year, how fun!

Alkemie said...

I don't know why I never stumbled upon your Etsy store until today. Your items are amazing! I love them!


Julie L. Light said...

Thank you everybody :-)