Monday, December 28, 2009

A perfect Valentine's Day holiday begins here.....

Valentine's Day merchandise has arrived at my website and coming soon to my Etsy shop. Enjoy!

{I will be leaving town soon so I'm not allowing any comments on this post.}

Have a fabulous day!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Julie's Day Out

My Mom, my sister Jenny, my 2 nephews and I recently had a fun day out! We started the day at my nephews' school for Grandparents day (which was adorable) and then we went to lunch at Cafe Brazil in the fabulous Bishop Arts District.

My yummy Sandwich: eggs, cheese, ham, roasted potatoes=deeeeelish!

Sorry, these photos are not the best quality. I took them on my iphone and since there were so many to post, I decided not to edit or enhance them!
Then we went to IKEA! I love this store since they have something that will work with every decor.
The boys waited to enter the play area. I really love that they included this play area in their stores...parents need a break!

I love this kitchen display
My Mom is re-decorating her Master Bathroom and is considering this mirror. $50 is a fabulous price!
My Mom bought the straw goat (on the right) for her Swedish style home.
Crystal chandeliers for my Mom's bathroom
I love this table and it's only $20!
I would love to add this chair to my studio, it's comfortable, too!
3 of my favorite beds:

I wish I had room in my studio for this daybed. I would love to sit here with lots of pillows and dream and sketch!
I adore these Dala horse cake pans...maybe next time!
I love these white lace curtains and I think they were $20 for the pair....awesome price and they don't look "cheap" like some of the lace curtains I've seen elsewhere.
My Mom needs these pillows for her living room :)
We couldn't pass up these glass candle holders for 49 cents each. One side holds a taper candle and then you flip it over and the other side holds a tea light. IKEA always has the best ideas.
Mercury glass-look candle holders...perfect for any style decor
These candle holders are oh-so-Scandinavian!
Lovely white metal pitchers
We stopped by the Christmas section and bought a few things. My Mom's Christmas tree is similar to this one. She has a lot of Swedish ornaments on her tree.
The kids entertained themselves on the way home. The boys played games on mine and my sisters iphones

Cooper played his tom-tom that he made at school
(On the way home) we stopped by The Soda Gallery at the Bishop Arts District and had our old fashioned sodas. We also shopped around the Bishop Arts District at some of the really unique shops. Yes, my nephew is "making a face"! Dare I say it? "Boys will be boys" 8-)
I had a delicious vanilla cream soda
The boys are playing a game on the new coffee table my sister bought at IKEA. My sister is going to display more of their pottery collection on that little shelf underneath the tabletop. One can never have enough areas to display collectibles!
IKEA is always so much fun! The first time we went to IKEA we were there for several hours, there is just too much to see. We have to travel about an hour to get to our nearest IKEA but it's worth it.
Have a fabulous day!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Star is Born!

My daughter, Savannah was selected to go to New York City over the Thanksgiving holiday to dance in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade with the Mike Miller and Assoc. Dance Team, yayyyy! It was so exciting to see her dance with this awesome dance team on national television! While she was there a group of the girls met Mario Lopez in Times Square and the "Extra" TV show (that he hosts) filmed a short segment of the girls saying, "Extra, Extra!". The episode aired November 23, 2009. I recorded the program on my DVR, paused it and took a photo of it so the quality of the photo isn't too good but you can see her and you can't miss super cute Mario :) Hopefully I can share some more photos of this trip in the near future.

New, new new!
I was a vendor at a couple of arts and crafts shows this fall and here are some of the new decoupaged photo frames that I made for one of the shows. They are now for sale at my Etsy shop here: FabulousFinds. I want to keep them all! I can use them in every room of my home but alas, I must offer them up for sale, LOL! I have been making decoupaged frames for a couple of years now for drill team events and I finally found the time to make some to sell. I think they will make great gifts so some of my "good" family and friends may be finding them under the Christmas tree this year.

I listed some of the frames in my Etsy Boutique and should have the rest listed within the week. I'm off to watch some football with my husband and drink my Starbucks Chai Tea Latte (It's cold here, I really need it, tee hee).
~Have a fabulous day~

Sunday, October 18, 2009


I've been working for months now on a new line of fashion accessories and I don't know when I'm ever going to find the time to create everything that I have sketched! It didn't help matters any when my daughter was diagnosed with the regular flu and the H1N1 virus last week! She is almost over it now...whew!

Here are a few of the new items I've added to my Etsy Boutique and will be coming soon to my website.

The "Taylor" Brooch is made with tres chic burlap and was inspired by my favorite store Anthropologie
Pretty "Lana" Brooch with several shades of pink

The "Kinzie" Brooch in earth tones

"Ravishing Rosette" Brooch in bubble gum pink

I decided to add some tulle to some of my "Ravishing Rosettes"...Ooh la la! The "Juliette" Brooch is shown below
The newest"Ravishing Rosettes" come with a pin back as well as a hair clip so they are so versatile!
Lots of colors and designs to list!

I pinned this one to a piece of satin divine!
"Butterfly Be Free" Purse
"French Quarter" Purse. This purse was inspired by the French Quarter in New Orleans (one of my favorite vacations spots!).
Have a fabulous day!