Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

The year started off pretty good but quickly went downhill after that! I tooks lots of photos of my Christmas decorations to share but couldn't find the time to post them. I had a lot of fun decorating since this was our first Christmas in this home. We have been battling several illnesses around our house and getting ready for my daughter's drill team competitions. My daughter is scheduled to perform a solo at 2 of the competitions this year so she has been really excited about that! But sadly, she has been battling a severe sinus infection over the last week and is in bed now with an unknown illness (tested negative for the flu). We are waiting for some test results to see what she actually has but the doctor said that "mono" is going around and they are testing for that, too (very depressing). Your prayers are definitely needed as she is miserable, has missed a lot of school and may not get to perform at her first scheduled competition this weekend.

On the brighter side!!!.....

My son played a piano solo at the University Interscholastic League Solo-Small Ensemble Competition last weekend in Dallas, TX. He did very well although he is not advancing to the State level. He played Bach's Movement Invention 8 in F Minor. One of the judges wrote: "This is challenging work-you are gifted. It was a pleasure to hear you play". He scored a 2 out of 5 (1 being the best) so we are very proud of him. I found this You tube video of the song that he played. You may recognize it.

Video from You Tube:

I decorated the Front Entryway for Valentine's Day a couple of weeks ago. I love the way it turned out! I have been busy with orders and wasn't going to take the time to decorate but I'm glad I did, it lifted my spirits a little bit.

The wedding cake topper is from my parent's wedding cake! The glittered key is a Christmas ornament.

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Have a fabulous day!



Diane Mars said...

Well better late then never... Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos and Warm thoughts to you and yours that everyone will be getting better soon. Congratulations on your son how proud you must be!
Hugs, Diane

Amy Sutter said...

Your vignettes are always so sweet! I am sorry about the sickness in your home... this past week all of kids had the stomach flu, one has a hefty cold and the other had an ear infection on top of it!!! eesh!
I pray that your daughter gets better quickly!! She has been through a lot over the past year... My heart is with you as a mom.
love and hugs,

Tereza Crump said...

I am happy "to see" you around again. I am sorry to hear about your daughter. Sinus rinses done with salt water always help to clear sinus infections and prevent new ones. Do a search for Neti Pot it should help your daughter get better quick. :) God bless, Tereza

N + S said...

those earrings are wonderful!

Allie said...

OH, I hope it's not mono. Last summer, my daughter was scheduled to go to Scotland to perform at the big theatre festival with her high school troupe and came up with mono. We were down to the weekend before the trip when the doctor gave the ok for her to go. At the time, I was scared to death for her to go and have a relapse. However, everything went well and we all survived. I pray that your daughter gets well soon and performs wonderfully.

PS......LOVED your Valentine display in your front romantic!

xx said...

Love the V-Day decor fav are the corks scattered everywhere. Will try to catch up on FB soon, but thought I'd pop in here too :~) Chat soon......

Anonymous said...

good photos.thanks for sharing with are a lovely lady and you have a cute face.keep it up young lady

Amy Sutter said...

hey girl - just wanted to say hi! You have been absent from the blog world lately! Did facebook take you away also?? lol!

Boracay accommodation said...

This is so sweet i think i should give it a try.. Thanks Julie.. thanks for the photos