Friday, February 26, 2010

An afternoon at "The Dallas Flea"

Last December my Mom, my sister Jenny and I decided to attend the very  first  Dallas Flea located at the historic South Side on Lamar in Dallas, TX.  My daughter Savannah couldn't make it that day but it was still a fun Girl's Day Out!  We were able to do a little Christmas shopping, too. 

We ate lunch at the Potbelly Sandwich shop...delicious food!  I found this "lovely" picture of George Costanza from Seinfeld in the ladies bathroom....yikes!  Potbelly's always has great food and their potato salad is very similar to my Mom's (no mustard added!). 

My sister Jenny was our chauffeur for the day.

All kinds of fabulous vendors and a few photos of the historic South Side on Lamar building that used to be the Sears and Roebuck Building years ago (click on the photos to enlarge them):


Potbelly's is located near the fabulous Crescent Court Luxury Hotel. Absolutely beautiful, check out the photo gallery here: 

The next Dallas Flea will be held March 13, 2010 at South Side on Lamar.  Hope to see you there!

Have a fabulous weekend!


Lynn Richards said...

That looks like SO much fun!! Love the pictures of the bikes and the old brick.

Shirley said...

You could definitely shop for hours. I love the purple bike. Thanks for sharing your pictures.


Doesn't that look like SO much fun. Loved the photos.


Amy Sutter said...

SO wish I had places to go to like that near me!!! I think I would spend too much time there tho, lol! Looks like you have fun :-)

Allie said...

I live in Dallas and didn't know about Dallas they have it every month? It looks like a great place to spend a day with friends. Thanks for sharing your fun time!! It's been so long since I've visited your blog....I've enjoyed catching up this morning!!
Happy Easter........