Friday, March 11, 2011

Fabulous Finds of the Day

I had a busy week, how about you?  I really enjoy looking at beautiful photos.  There is something so relaxing about them and I always admire anyone who can take a good photo.  Mine are just so-so but I am working on them.  My sister Jen says that it's not always how good the camera is, it's the person taking the photo and also knowing how to use a good photo editing program!  

Hopefully I can get some work done on my mini make-overs this weekend.  I took some photos of some of the projects but I need to edit them.  I am also working with a fabulous lady who is designing a  new blog banner for me.  I've got to find some photos for her, how does one begin to choose?
I hope you have a fabulous weekend!
P.S.  My daughter and I are having a girls night out tonight.  Movie time..Matt Damon anyone?
This pale pink dress caught my eye.  I used to do some modeling in the 1980's (ancient times, ha ha) and I modeled a pink wedding dress in a bridal show that was to die for.  I wish I had a photo of it!  Gotta love pink!

 The perfect bridesmaid dress for the pink wedding dress.  I would have an all pink problem!

My sister, Jen added a pop of color to her wedding dress (years ago).  I love that idea!

{All images via Martha Stewart}


thingsIlove said...

Lovely :)

Marissa said...

Is that your sister's dress with the flowers on the back? It's gorgeous!

Kristin said...

Pink gowns...swooon! There is a gorgeous one in the Shopbop Wedding Boutique right now!

Anonymous said...

Love pink!!!
Have a wonderful Monday filled with only "fabulous finds"!