Friday, July 27, 2012

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I know it's been a long time since I've posted but a lot of things have happened since my last post. I will share a few things with you.  I really want my blog to be positive and and only include beautiful things but sometimes life is not so beautiful.  Due to some health issues, I have only been running my Etsy shop and doing a little bit of decorating around my home, not much else.  I haven't kept up with Facebook or my blog, I just didn't feel like sharing.

The Good:
I love this shelf vignette!  I bought the shelf at Hobby Lobby last year (on sale, of course).  It was black and I painted it light blue and sanded the edges.  Love it!  The largest canvas is a print and the smaller one is an oil painting that I couldn't pass up ($8 for both at a local antique mall).  The Madonna statue is from a local antique mall and I only paid $2.50.  I have had the Madonna head vases for many years.  This vignette is on a wall in my living room and I smile every time I see it.  It's exactly the Shabby Chic look I was going for.

 "You have to take out my what?" :)

The Bad:
I am sitting in bed writing this post with an 8" incision in my abdomen.  I had an abdominal hysterectomy approximately 10 days ago.  Not fun at all.  The pain is much better but finding a comfortable position isn't easy.  I am constantly having to move around to get comfortable.  Please excuse any TMI :)  A few months ago I started feeling really tired and "run-down".  I was trying to lose a few pounds so I just thought I was old (I'm 44), overweight and out of shape.  After suffering through a really bad monthly period for 10 days (severe cramps and heavy bleeding) I decided to seek help.  I thought my hormones were off or my thyroid was slow.  After several blood tests it was determined that I was severely anemic.  My blood level was at 27%.  It should have been around 40%. Sorry, I don't know all the medical terms, etc.  Next, they had to determine where the anemia was coming from.  After 2 ultrasounds and many exams (including a painful endometriosis exam), it was determined that I had multiple uterine fibroids.  The largest measuring 7cm. My uterus was enlarged to 14cm (a normal uterus is about 8cm).  I was told that my uterus was the same size as a woman who is approx. 4 months pregnant.  Now I know why my stomach looked so "fat".  I actually had 3 people ask me if I was pregnant!  No one is sure how long I've had the fibroids as I was told that they are not always detectable during an exam (my last yearly exam was last Fall).  In just a few short months my health had deteriorated and I was given the option of removing the fibroids or removing the fibroids and my uterus. After much research and a few miserable months I decided to have the hysterectomy.  I had a second opinion and chose to have the second doctor perform the surgery as he could do it in July (my first doctor couldn't do the surgery until September) and I was extremely miserable by the time I was scheduled for surgery.  I was also developing several complications from the fibroids including frequent urination and constant uterine bleeding.  It's crazy how in just a few short months things escalated to the point that they did. At first I was told that I would have a vaginal hysterectomy (less recovery time) but by the time of my surgery I was told that my uterus was so enlarged that I only had a 50% chance of which type of surgery I would have. As I was wheeled into surgery, I was hoping for the best but prepared for the worst.  I ended up having the abdominal hysterectomy...ugh. I got to keep my ovaries, though.
My surgery went well and I was very pleased with my surgeon.  I spent two nights in the hospital and had a good experience there, too.  My husband was able to come home on leave (he has awesome commanders!) and he has been taking care of me!  I am actually being waited upon, for once :)  I am bored out of my mind, though.  I am not the type of person who can do nothing for long periods of time!

The Ugly:
Right after my last blog post I cut my thumb pretty badly.  I was washing one of my apothecary jars and it broke while I was washing it and a piece of glass sliced into my thumb.  After about 30 minutes of non-stop bleeding I decided to drive myself to the emergency room (thank goodness it was only a couple of miles away).  After begging the doctor not to give me stitches he told me I had to have them.  I got four stitches in my right thumb (yes, I am right-handed).  This was a terrible inconvenience and I had to learn to use my left hand as much as possible.  Later, when the stitches were removed, it was discovered that my body had produced too much scar tissue and I had a huge hump on my thumb.  It was also very painful to apply any pressure to that area.  I was sent to Occupational Therapy and was told my body over-produced scar tissue during healing and that the excess scar could be pressing on a nerve.  I have been doing ultrasound therapy as well as some other treatments for the last month or so.  It seems to be helping and I will start another month of therapy in August.
I am so grateful to finally be on the road to recovery!  I can't wait to feel 100%  and am able to do Yoga and take my daily walks again. I stopped exercising when I was short of breathe and dizzy from walking up one flight of stairs!  I am so grateful for the wonderful health care that I have had, my family and friends.  Thank you all!
Until next time...
Have a fabulous day!

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