Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Glitz & Glam: Accessorize Me

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I adore jewelry and sparkly things. My husband says I'm a "girly girl" and he loves me that way :) As I write this, I have iridescent glitter on my fingernails. I have a lot of jewelry...a lot. I still have some of my jewelry from the 1980's. I got rid of some of it a few years ago and I regret it. I consider myself a selective hoarder. I love to mix vintage jewelry with my new jewelry. Some of my jewelry came from several different Dollar Stores (over the years) and no one would ever know it! Yay! I hope you enjoy my sparkly selections.
Be. Fabulous.
All of the above earrings were $1.00 a pair!

The gold locket is vintage Sarah Coventry (remember that brand?) and the pastel and black beaded necklaces were made by  my junkin' friend, "VintageSue".

Everything from dollar store to vintage to Banana Republic on this pretty vintage perfume tray. My Mom had a similar tray when I was growing up. I wish she still owned it. She probably sold it at one of our many yard sales over the years. We had 4 kids in our family, we had a lot of stuff!

The aqua/rhinestone pin is vintage 1928 brand. I have matching earrings, too. I used to love to go to Dillards department store and gawk at all the 1928 brand jewelry. It was a little bit pricey so I had to be selective about what I purchased.

I picked up this little jewelry stand from a local antique mall. The fabric covered bracelet (with rhinestone accent) was made by VintageSue. The pink rosette pin/hair clip was made by me. Yes, I wear my own creations that I sell in my Etsy shop :)

Packing for a trip. Options, options!

Some of the jewelry that I took on my two week vacation to Las Vegas last January. I packed a lot of stuff! Two weeks...whew!

Shoes I wore in Vegas. This photo was taken at the Paris Hotel & casino in Vegas. Love that leopard/cheetah print chair that was in the bathroom.

I found these shoes on clearance at JCPenney for $12.00! Now that's a fabulous find.

Embellished silk flowers from Hobby Lobby. Love.

Gorgeous packaging from Christine Rose Elle. I won her giveaway!

Marie Antoinette necklace I won from Christine Rose Elle. She is so fabulous!

All photos copyright 2013Julie L. Light/Fabulous Finds Studio